ABOUTBritish diversity

I’m a London based recording and mixing engineer, producer and musician. I have worked for newcomers as well as Grammy & Oscar winning artists and love music of all genres. Songs that I worked on have been played on the radio, on TV and won several awards. As a musician I have played on many records and live on tour, in small venues as well as in stadiums, on radio and on TV.

APPROACHGerman precision

I love music and am known for my easy-going nature and focused workflow. Whilst I always keep and eye on the big picture, I also love bringing out the details of a song. I’m open to ideas and trying things out, love experimenting in the studio and always try to find the perfect sound for your music. I live in London and use several studios here but also enjoy travelling for projects and can come to you and also bring state of the art equipment, to track on-location or at your studio.

SKILLSA touch of American sound

I have over 15 years of experience in recording, mixing and producing music, finished my audio engineering studies top of class and worked for high profile producers such as Sylvia Massy. I have also attended several master classes with mixing and music production legends Andy Wallace, Chris Lord-Alge and Alan Parsons. I am a Full Member of the MPG.

Some of the music I've worked on

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Big studio or small – I love recording. Interaction between musicians, hearing songs come alive and see the magic happen are fantastic every time. It’s all about the right vibe in the studio and how to get the best performance and I always make sure I help the artist getting there.


Mixing is where it all comes together. It’s my favourite thing to do and what people hire me the most for. I love going through the tracks, discovering all details of your songs and bringing them to life.


You have a song and no idea what to do with it? The right production helps a good song to become great. Looking at arrangement, tempo, key of the song before the recordings start and maybe even getting professional session musicians (almost any instrument) to add will turn your demo into a radio-ready song.


Mastering gives the final polish to your songs. Once they are mixed this is the final stage that matches them to other songs and makes sure they sound ready for any playback device, from mobile phone to radio. In case I record, mix and produce the songs, I usually work with several mastering engineers to get a fresh pair of ears on board.

On-location recording

Sometimes recording in a studio is not an option or the desired location – that’s where I can come to you to record. I’ve recorded albums in halls, churches, rooms big and small as well as hundreds of bands and artists live at concerts. State of the art microphones and preamps or a small laptop setup – let me know what you have planned and I’ll suggest something.


It all happens only once and, therefore, has to be right from the start. I have done live-sound for over 100 artists and always do my best for artist and audience to enjoy their gig.

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52 Commercial Road, A Formal Horse, Abbey Bowden, Alan Lacroix, Alev Lenz, Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) & Danielle De Picciotto, Alex’s Hand, Allfather, ALMA, Alpha Male Tea Party, Alright the Captain, Andreas Moe (John Mayer support), ANTA, April, Archelon, A-Sun Amissa, Asian Death Crustacean, Aurora J Young (TPMA Winner 2011) , Avatar (producer Sylvia Massy, US Billboard Charts, Metalholic’s Album of the Year), Bast, Battleship Grey, Bear Makes Ninja, Ben Edwards, Big Lad, Bitter Ruin, Black Peaks, Bobii Lewis, Boss Keloid, Brendan Reilly (Disclosure, Fazer, Basement Jaxx, Sam Sparro, Laura Mvula, Florence and the Machine, Duffy, Rita Ora), Brother of Mars, Brutai, Cackle, Captive, Casual Nun, Celestial Wolves, Chagall, Charlie Brown, Chiyoda Ku, Chris Stylez, Cibelle, Cleo Sol, Codices, Colours To Shame, Control, Core Of iO, Darkeye, David McAlmont, Dead Existence, Dead Red Sun, Death Pedals, Debbie Aramide, Degree of Arc, Derek Trotson, Devon Sproule + BJ Cole, DKH, Dresda, Drore, Dubtician, DVNE, Earthmass, Elephant Tree, Elsa, Eschar, Ex People, Eye of Solitude, Father Murphy, Fear Of The Forest, Federico Aubele, Flies Are Spies From Hell, Flowers of Evil, Georges Kaplan Presents…, Gus Robertson (Razorlight, Rotten Hill Gang, Carnival of Souls), HAG, Ham Legion, Harbinger, Hazel Iris, Helen Money, Hieroglyph, Hyde & Seek, I am Harlequin (VPME Award Winner 2012), Invocation, Iran Iran, Izzy Bizu, JAMES, James Broughton, James Craise, Jamie Bruce (The Voice), Jarboe (Swans, Neurosis, A Perfect Circle), J-Brook, J-Marie Cooper (The Voice), J-SoL, Jack Nash, Jem Cooke, Jesse Gamage ft Dear Rob, Jessica Hammond (The Voice), Jim Perkins, Jo Quail, Jordan King, Jorge Drexler (Academy Award / Oscar Winner), Jonny Halifax & The Howling Truth, Josh Osho, Kaleem Taylor, Kamchatka, Karybdis, Kat May, Kata Csondor (Hungary Chart No 1), Kate Walsh (UK Chart No 1), Kayosoul (Best of BBC Newcomer 2012), Kieran Skye, Kinasis, Kirsten Morrison, Kontakte, Krysthla, Kylver, Lambhorn, Latitudes, Leah Kardos, Leanne Robinson (X-Factor), Listing Ships, LizZard, Lords of Bastard, Los Padres, Lost Harbours, Lost in the Riots, Low Sun, Lucy Claire, Luke Bingham, Madam, Mango & Lashes, Margarita Laso, Mark Their Silence, Martha Tilston, Martika LA, Mary Hampton, Masiro, Massacres, Max Milner (The Voice), Mayors of Miyazaki, Melvins, Memory of Elephants, Meron Addis, MNHM, Mike Hough, Mishaped Pearls, Morgan Szymanski, MoRkObOt, Mother of God, Mothertrucker, Muscle and Marrow, Mutiny On The Bounty, Nasty Little Lonely, Natalie Duncan, Nathan Ball, Nina Gardner, Nextmen feat Zarif, Nøught, Ny, obe, Obscene Entity, OHHMS, Old Man Lizard, OMSQ, Only Echoes Remain, Only Joe, Opensight, Patchwork Natives, Petrels, Pocket Apocalypse, Porshyne, Prisa Mata, PSOTY, Raf & O, Raheem Bakaré, Raphaella, Rax Timyr, Riélle (X-Factor 2013), Robbie McIntosh (Pretenders, Paul McCartney, Norah Jones, John Mayer, Tom Jones), RobynPlaysChords, Rosemont, Ruby Ann Peterson, Rumour Cubes, Ryan Keen (Ed Sheeran support), Serena Soya, Sergant Thunderhoof, Seventh Harmonic, Shiver (ArcTanGent headliner), Shrine (Black Peaks), Silent Front, Sir Apollo, Solaris, Sonic Mass, Space Witch, Stephanie Santiago feat Astar, Steve Smith, Subservience, Subversion, Sumer, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster, Telepathy, T E Morris (Her Name is Calla), TEYR, The Day Of Locusts, The Display Team, The Fierce & The Dead, The Guts, The Venus Complex, Three Thrones, Thumpermonkey, Toddla T, Tolerance Manoeuvre, Treasure of Woe, UpCDownC, Undersmile, Valentin Gerlier, Valerian Swings, Vania Bastos, Waking Aida, We Wild Blood, Weikie, Wren, YOWIE, Yvonne McDonnell, Zephyr, zero absolu

2econdclasscitizen, Adam Betts, Behind Barz, Benjamin AD, Benny Banks, Charlie Sloth, Chase Deniro, Chella Unica, Courtney Bennett, DJ FourFiveSix, Elro feat Coco-Marie, EXO (USG), Frixtion (RGS Entertainment), Frostar, Generation Take Off, George the Poet, G.R.E.Ed.S & THE REMEDIES, HAG, Insight ft Lioness, Jaja Soze, Jaycee, J Spades, Josh Osho, Juvee (Juvee Sk / Jerome Williamson), Juvenilez, Lil Simz, Link Up TV, Madrust, Maxsta, MilaD.S, Mouse On The Keys, Mutiny On The Bounty, Mya Sky, Nego True, Parris Wright, Project N., PW, Ratlin ft Benjamin, Raheem Bakaré, RD, Royze, Sam Adams (US No 1), Sef (So Solid Crew), SF1 (Black Bach), Sneaky, Squeeks, Squingy, Survival Skills (Chris Sharkey), The Stow, TwissMan, Twizzle, TE, USG, Tereza Delzz, Uncle Chunkz, Vels Trio, Wretch 32, YJ feat. Ella Marie, Young Mad B

A Sweet Niche, Academixer, Big Lad (formerly Shitwife), Collaborative Orchestra (Britain’s Got Talent), Dobet Gnahore (Grammy Winner 2010), Elfenhügel, Ginkgo Music Project, Hackney Secular Singers, Jens Robbers, Klazz Meets the Voice (Edson Cordero & Klazzbrothers), Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz, Macchina Del Tempo, MoRkObOt, Moses Boyd Exodus, Nico Neidel, Nøught, Orchestra of the City of London, Parshmaune, Queen Klassical (MerQury + choir + Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra), Roger Goula, Roy Immanuel, Swing Quartett Dresden, The Swing King and his Samba Slave, Warren Schoenbright, What?, Worriedaboutsatan, Zeitgeist

Abbey Road, Akaal Publishing, Alex Brooker,, BBC, BBC Three, Britannia Row, Chaos Theory, Chapel Studios, Cognitive Shift Records (One Little Indian Records + Manners McDade Publishing), CrossMedia Project, Decca Records, Deutsche Grammophon, Disney, EA, Einfallsinsel, Frequency Recording Studio, Ginkgo Music, Hackney Road Studios, Hominid Sounds, Kirpa Records, LiveBase, Lothar Bölck, Miloco, MTV, Ninja Tunes, Nintendo, Northgate Sudios, print24 , purecords, RGS Entertainment , Resident Studios, Rich King Productions (Eminem, Brandy, John Legend), Riff Rock Records, School of Rock-a-bye Babies, Room With A View Studio, SARM Studios, Scope, SEGA, Slimelight, Sofa Sound, Snap! Studios, Unilad, United Print, Universal Records, Various comedy performances, Various radio plays

7ieben, Abdouramahne Diop, Adorior, Alan Rickman,, The Animals, Anschanz, Antonov, Apeman Spaceman (Dogs + Razorlight), Astillero, Bad Dog (Bernhard Fowler, Doug Wimbish), The Bad Plus, Beissert, Ben Sommers, Ben*Jammin, Bestial Raids, Betallica (Metallica support), Black Olives, Black Tequilla, Brainless Wankers, Brian Blessed, Calum Scott, Carl Verheyen Band (Supertramp), Cazzolente, Cloud Nothing, Coen Wolters Band, Crystal Fighters, D-Day Swing Band, Dennis Hormes Band (TM Stevens, Marc Terenzi, DJ BoBo), Die BlumentoPferde, Disillusion, DJ Gone, Dotschy Reinhardt Ensemble (Django Reinhardt’s daughter), Electric Oud, Emilio Maya and Juan Polvillo, Extradition Order, Fantastic Mr Fox, Franco Fagioli, Funkreich, Gerechtigkeitsliga, GODsilla, Gorp, Guy Pratt, Hadar Manor, Harianu Harshita, Hidden Orchestra, Innes Sibun (Robert Plant Band), Insane, Jackson Scott, Jahcoustix, Jenix, Jens Robbers, Joe Pitts Band (Liquid Groove Mojo), Jokers, Juerga!, Kaputt, Kazutoki Umezu & Kiki Band, Kick it like Falco, King Fish, LAID, Langley Sisters, Laura B. & The Moonlighters, Los Santanos, Mandala, Mano de Dios, Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Gianna Nannini, H-Blockx), Markus Czenia, Maria and the Funk Bros, Marsimoto, Massiv & DJ Desue, Matthew Robins, Maybe Insane, May7ven, Men, Minnie the Moocher, Miss Julia Johnson, Mortuary Drape, Nash, Natty Bo, Nerve (Jojo Meyer), Nico Neidel, ORGI 69, Panic Jazz Orchestra, PC (Ninja Tunes), Perfect People, Pro Pain, Proclamation, Pumeza, Puts Marie, Ruby Blues, Sally Nyolo, Scoorn, Scythian, Sessão da Noite, Silent Dawn, Silent Poem, Sitar Beat, Sky Murphy, Southern, South Finesse, S.T.A.B. Electronics, Steve Fister Band, Surf Beat, SWAllOWeD, Sweet Addiction, SZ Berlin, Taktlo$, TEM, Texas Mike and the Crying Horses, The Bone, The Cedars, The Crookes, The Great Shakes, The Jacks, The Moonlighters, The Shift, The Smokkings, The Springs, The Wholigans, Time For Three, Ulises Diaz and Group, Van Wilks, VGA, Vicky Butterfly, We See Sophie, Weiber, Wild Palms, Yard Blues Band, Yatra, Zuul FX

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London based but can travel and have worked out of studios in Europe and the US.


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